Team Members

We are a team of passionate bike and coffee lovers!


Lamar Timmins

Lamar Timmins started his biking career as a bicycle tour guide in Munich, Germany. From there he spent a year travelling in South East Asia and ended up working on a dairy farm in Victoria, Australia for almost a year. His inspiration for Allo Vélo, came from his fascination for coffee and bicycle culture so common in Europe and Scandinavia. Allo Vélo was a solution to the growing trend of everyday cyclists and coffee culture in Montréal and Canada. In order to have an intimate knowledge of his product. Lamar was the first person to ride a cargo bike (Triobike Cargo S) from Montreal to Vancouver in 2014. His passion for adventure and cycling hasn't stopped there. Lamar has been accepted to race at this years bike packing event the Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgystzan. He hopes this will open new opportunities in the world of ultra endurance racing. We will see him at the finish line!

Fiona Chai

Fiona Chai has been working in the bicycle business for the last 6 years and loves tootling around town on her Vanmoof T series. She is an avid runner, enjoying half and full marathons in Canada and abroad. In 2018, she completed the infamous Conrad Ultra Marathon in Durban South Africa, arriving just before the cut off time of 12hours. Her AHA moment came when she received her black belt in Shotokan Karate. All her wild ideas and adventured sprouted forth. She is currently embarked on a 4 months bike tour from Cairo to Cape Town. This granddaddy of a bike ride is her latest.



Elizabeth J.

Elizabeth first started riding a fixed gear for commuting purposes only and, as her passion for cycling evolved, slowly switched to longer rides and bigger challenges. She now enjoys mostly long gravel rides and bikepacking trips. She is also a real coffee lover and has at heart being part of a responsible coffee business. If she is not on her bike, she is probably reading a book somewhere with a good coffee in hand.


David Lebrasseur

David is an avid urban and adventure cyclist. He enjoys riding through the city in traffic just as much as riding in nature. With a degree in industrial design, his focus is always leaning towards quality products that are unique and durable and that have real purpose in day to day life. In his free time, he also enjoys crafting his own ideas. Amongst other projects, he has already created a line of leather shoes and urban backpacks.