First Hand Look at the New ABUS BORDO 6000 A/190mm Alarm Eurobike 2017

ABUS- bordo-600-a-190-alarm-best-bike-lock-toronto-canada.JPG

ABUS BORDO 6000A 190 Alarm

The sound of security.

ABUS is known for their unique foldable locks. What was a standard on their motorcycle locks, has now been added to their Bordo foldable locks; an alarm. It still has the standard structure of 5mm steel bars and soft coating exterior.  They improved the holder, making it a lot easier to hold your lock with a simple clock and no more straps, which is great for those who have skinnier frames.

The alarm system works with a 3D detection system, which means that little vibrations wont trigger it, but bigger movements will make it beep (100dB) 4 times, and if no more movement, will go back to zero. If movement continues it will go off for 20 seconds.

How do you prevent the alarm from going off while riding? It is built with to locking points, the first one will not engage the alarm, which allows you to use the lock without the alarm. The second point engages the alarm.

CAD price point is still to be determined, but this will certainly be a product on our shelves come next season.

Posted on August 31, 2017 .