International Cargo Bike Race Berlin

In cargo bike news; last weekend was the annual Intl. Cargo Bike Racein Berlin at the VeloBerlin Show. This event took place at the historic Templehof Airfield. With over 70 competitors and some crazy cargo bike builds, this race was a blast! 1.7kms on the best tarmac you can ride on. There were 3 laps, with the 2nd lap involving cargo (tire, 4L jug and a tube) to transport. An experience that requires physical stamina, strength and speed. It was a real treat to be a part of such a enthusiastic cargo bike community. 

Lamar Timmins made the round trip to represent Allo Vélo. Not only did he return to Montreal with great discoveries for our customers but also with a trophy in his hand, after winning 3rd in his category at the Cargo Bike Race with his TRIOBIKE Cargo. Drop by the shop if you want to learn more. We are inspired to continue this tradition in Montreal. Let us know if you would be interested in participating🚴‍♀️😊

Posted on May 3, 2019 .