VANMOOF DÜSENJÄGER - Minimalism meets Dutch Innovation

When it comes to cycling and bike design, the Dutch are always a step above. VANMOOF has once again out done themselves. The DÜSENJÄGER is their latest model: single speed, 26 inch wheels.  You've never moved at such a speed. It comes with VANMOOF's standard built-in front and rear lights and their "stop on a dime" disc brakes.  As the name suggests (DÜSENJÄGER means Jet fighter), it sails down the roads and spits the detritus. Its 26 inch wheels, stiff frame, and 18T cog allows for quick acceleration with no loss of torque. 

Overall, the VANMOOF DÜSENJÄGER makes for a great Montreal city bike. See and be seen in unlit streets or parks. Ride effortlessly along the Lachine Canal. Climb up Parc Ave. or zoom down St-Urbain street. What a fun bike to ride: it calls you out all the time.

Price point is CAD799. VANMOOF is a well established brand known for its innovation in commuter bicycles. The DÜSENJÄGER includes Dynamo light system, disc brakes, wide racing profile tires, lightweight frame and attachments for a rear or front rack or a built in lock.

Try one today!

Embracing Spring - A Montreal Bike Boutique Cafe

As expected winter has dragged on here in Montreal. Nonetheless, we are now officially open for the new "season". Springs marks new beginnings and we certainly took advantage of our time off to prepare for another great year. We worked hard to make some minor changes to the brick and mortar that will surely offer a greater experience. You can expect a more spacious interior, revamped café menu, new accessories and new Euro bikes. We look forward to see you soon!

Posted on April 8, 2015 .

Allo Velo Visits Eindhoven

We are live from Eindhoven, Holland. This city is filled with unique bicycle infrastructure. For example, there is suspended bicycle roundabout, Bike/pedestrian only underground networks, Underground bike parking and the new Van Gogh inspired (Starry NIghts) glowing bike path and more. You can even bike inside the mall. We highly recommend you visit Eindhoven.

Posted on January 19, 2015 .

Abandoned Soviet Velodrome - Georgia

This winter, we had a chance to visit Tbilisi, The capital of Georgia, where the majority of the countries population resides. We were previously in Turkey and figured that Georgia could offer something new to our travel history.

It is a bustling city like any other, with a touch of modern in a really dramatic old city trying to move forward. There is no sign of any cyclists here. We set out to visit the standard Top 5’s  (TripAdvisor) and if you enjoy cathedrals, monasteries and open markets then this is the place for you.

However, there was the urge to discover something new.  We saw that there was a new Velodrome built and being bicycle fanatics, we were interested in checking it out. A Google search actually led us to one very insignificant article mentioning an abandoned outdoor Soviet Velodrome somewhere in the city. Now this caught our interest. Only the neighbourhood was mentioned. Thanks to Google earth, we spotted what looked like to be the remains of an outdoor velodrome.


The next day we took the underground to that area.  We were very excited about this. Most locals don’t even know about this place. It is important to note that the article online dated from 2009.  And so to our disappointment, the area was mostly demolished except part of the stadium. Out with old and in with the new! They had built a car dealership on part of the property. What a shame. I believe that this old soviet velodrome would have been something tourists would actually want to see. Especially, since there is a growing interest for abandoned places.


Was that it? For some reason we decided to scope out Google again. To our surprise we found another location with a similar oval shape closer to the city center. Could this be another velodrome? We hired a Taxi to that location the following day. We arrived in a more residential neighbourhood next to a concrete wall along the side walk. We walked around and found a chained rusty old gate. Inside was an empty field and beyond the tall growth was what looked like a banked concrete surface.


The only way in was to climb over the 10-foot wall. The bricks were very old with gaps, which made it possible to get up. What a great feeling it was to find this place.

In the middle of this residential neighbourhood layed this abandoned Soviet Velodome. An out of place, forgotten piece of land. It felt like looking into the past, You can almost imagine the cyclists riding around  you. We stayed for quite a while, to absorb what we had discovered. To some, this is a unique space, and to others (understandably) it has no value, and sadly it might make way for new development just like the other Velodrome.


Posted on January 13, 2015 and filed under Travel.

Canada by Cargo Bike in 100 Great Photos

This past Fall, our very own Lamar Timmins successfully completed his goal of biking from Montreal to Vancouver on a cargo bike. Here are the top 100 photos of his journey. The story should be available to read soon. We hope this inspires others to explore their country by bike and maybe even by cargo bike.

6 Fun Stocking Stuffers for the Urban Cyclists

6 Fun Stocking Stuffers for the Urban Cyclists - Riding in the winter wonderland

Feeling the pressures of a daunting Christmas list. Relax. Here's a simple  and fun list of practical gift ideas. And if that person is really difficult, we always have a Fixie Pizza Cutter.

1. GORE Bikewear Beanie hat, $29.95 - This wind stopper beanie will keep all your intelligent thoughts warm and toasty


2. BOOKMAN Lights, $26.95 - Minimal Swedish design. Available in many colours. So you will be seen throughout the dark days of winter.


3. GORE Bikewear Neck/Face warmer, $29.95 - Don't let Jack Frost come nipping; keep him at bay with GORE Bikewear windstopper.


4. Bike Helmet, $129 to $149 - From London, England Sawako Furuno, Japanese designer brings us a gorgeous selection of super stylish bicycle helmets: leopard print, crocodile (even feels like the real skin), floral and blind. So many choices only one head!




5. Hiplok D-lock, $99.95, Hiplok D is a strong minimalist U lock that can be hooked into one's rear pocket or belt when not being used to keep your bike safe.  A tough lock that also looks New York messenger cool.


6. For that special stocking ... It's never too early to start a wee one on his or her way to becoming a future urban cyclist. A bike that grows with your child. Beautifully crafted wooden push bikes by Wishbone Design NZ.