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VANMOOF DÜSENJÄGER - Minimalism meets Dutch Innovation

When it comes to cycling and bike design, the Dutch are always a step above. VANMOOF has once again out done themselves. The DÜSENJÄGER is their latest model: single speed, 26 inch wheels.  You've never moved at such a speed. It comes with VANMOOF's standard built-in front and rear lights and their "stop on a dime" disc brakes.  As the name suggests (DÜSENJÄGER means Jet fighter), it sails down the roads and spits the detritus. Its 26 inch wheels, stiff frame, and 18T cog allows for quick acceleration with no loss of torque. 

Overall, the VANMOOF DÜSENJÄGER makes for a great Montreal city bike. See and be seen in unlit streets or parks. Ride effortlessly along the Lachine Canal. Climb up Parc Ave. or zoom down St-Urbain street. What a fun bike to ride: it calls you out all the time.

Price point is CAD799. VANMOOF is a well established brand known for its innovation in commuter bicycles. The DÜSENJÄGER includes Dynamo light system, disc brakes, wide racing profile tires, lightweight frame and attachments for a rear or front rack or a built in lock.

Try one today!