Including a cargo bike in your everyday operations is both forward thinking and economically sound. Let us illustrate exactly how a cargo bike can enhance your position in the market and supplement your reach to the community; receptive to a new sustainable service concept.


Business Solution

Ideal for deliveries and transportation.  When you deliver your products by cargo bike, it creates a strong brand recognition. Your customers and the general public immediately understands your commitment to environmental sustainability. It's a fast and versatile urban mode of transportation. The monetary savings allow for better optimization of cash flow. It has a 200 lb. capacity and subsequent maintenance is minimal as it is designed to be a work horse. It encourages staff to be more physically active, as it replaces the need for a vehicle.

Recommended bike: Bullitt Cargo Bike, Metrofiet, Triobike (Canada & USA)

Bike Friendly Hotels

There are more tourists opting to explore cities by bicycle. This emerging trend can be fortuitously taken advantage of by acquiring a fleet of Triobikes for your hotel guests.

  • Its sleek Danish design is a head turner
  • It is ideal to publicize your hotel and creates a strong brand recognition
  • It so perfectly proclaims your environmental sustainable philosophy
  • It is a fast and versatile mode of transportation
  • The Triobike is one of the safest cargo bikes in the market
  • Inclusive family activity (no children's seat required)
  • Elderly, family with more then one child, guests with pets and individuals who are unable to ride a bike

Urban Condo Complexes

  • A unique selling point for prospective buyers
  • Accessibility to local amenities without having to put up with traffic and/or looking for parking. 
  • Worry free logistics:  able to carry large & bulky merchandise as wel as heavy goods weighing up to 200 lb. 
  • Fast and versatile mode of transportation
  • Promotes the urban lifestyle
  • Convenient for out of town guests who are not so bicycle savvy or guests with children to sit in the cockpit  
  • Easy to ride. With 3 wheels, it creates instant confidence
  • Fantastic publicity for the condo; showcasing its unique environmental sustainable credentials
  • Low initial cost, low maintenance costs. 

Recommended bike: Triobike  (Canada & USA)

Canadian businesses who have embraced the cargo bike:

Bikeables | Hamilton and Toronto | Bullitt Cargo Bike

Cinco | Montreal and Toronto | Triobike Boxter

Modacity | Vancouver | Triobike Cargo S

Coffeecology | Toronto | Bullitt Cargo Bike

Randonneur Mobile Mechanics | Montreal | Bullitt Cargo Bike

Courrier Plus | Montreal | Bullitt Cargo Bike

Joys of Living | Montreal | Triobike Cargo 

Les Spectacles Bell - Les Francofolies | Montreal | Butchers & Bicycles MK1

Maison LeGrand | Montreal | Triobike cargo | Toronto | Triobike Cargo

McGill University | Montreal | Bullitt Cargo Bike

Manley Art & Design | Ottawa | Bullitt Cargo Bike

Véli-Coursier | Quebec City | Bullitt Cargo Bike

RND Bakery | Ottawa | Metrofiet Cargo Bike "It has been a very productive summer of baking and biking!" -    Will S. (Owner)

Pilot Coffee Roasters | Toronto | Bullitt Cargo Bike

 SKINJACKIN | Montreal | Bullitt Cargo Bike


Rent a cargo bike

Rent a cargo bike for an event, business, or personal use.  An effective tool that will definitely capture peoples attention and get the job done. If you are visiting the city with children, ride with ease on a Triobike. Enjoy a nice family outing along the splendid Lachine Canal to the Old Port. We can even bring the Triobike to your hotel or Atwater Market. Helpful bike path map, lock and child helmets included.

$35.00 1/2Day (4hrs) $60.00/Day(24hrs) or $150.00/3days, Call to book or fill this form.