Triobike Taxi "Cycling Without Age" - 2018 PRE ORDER OPEN!


Triobike Taxi "Cycling Without Age" - 2018 PRE ORDER OPEN!


ETA is April 2018

We ship 99% assembled on a pallet.

- ETA April 2018

- Extremely limited quantity.

- Pre-order now and get $200 off. Basically, order and you will receive $200 refund on your completed order.

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trioBike taxi: a couch on wheels

Urban mobility is not only for young and dynamic people living in cities, for trioBike mobility has no age.

We designed the new trioBike taxi to fulfill the dream of Cycling Without Age, the leading voluntary organization providing bike rides for elderly since 2012: to give all ages the opportunity to enjoy the sense of freedom, the wind rush through your hair and to enhance quality of life in ways only a bike ride can offer.

The new trioBike taxi is easy to ride, maneuverable and comfortable, designed to be practical and stylish at the same time. It’s primarily designed to carry adults, especially elderly people. With 90 cm of inner width, the passenger seat is among the most spacious on the market. Its ergonomic design ensures a very relaxed sitting position as well.


Accessibility for everyone

Furthermore, the box-module also has an easy and ergonomic access. The removable middle plateallows people with walking difficulties to sit down easily on the seat without having to lift their feet, securing a safe entry and exit.


Danish design & quality

trioBike taxi is not a simple taxi bike, it’s a couch on wheels. We designed it focusing on the comfort of the passengers, inspired by some of the most iconic Scandinavian furniture. The front box is made in bent plywood by our German supplier, the same of famous design furniture such as Hans Jørgen Wegner, Ray & Charles Eames and Tadao Ando. Furthermore, the seat is manufactured in Denmark by the same company producing the cushion for Arne Jacobsen’s Egg and Swan. Therefore, you can expect a soft and comfortable seat, which is easy to clean and maintain.


Space for your things

The new trioBike taxi also has a big and spacious storage box beneath the seat with a volume of 70 liters.


Sunny or rainy, it doesn’t matter

The hood is permanently attached on the bike. It’s easy to fold when the sun is shining and fast to unfold if the weather is changing.
The many windows ensure a great view when the hood is unfolded. The fabric is water resistant and color steady.



Safety first, always

Safety is guaranteed by the presence of two seat belts, one per passenger. The seat belts can be plugged together to carry one person, sitting in the center of the seat.


Heavy load, light effort

Thanks to the e-power system Promovec, the new trioBike taxi is easy and simple to ride, also uphill with two adult passengers on the front.
Promovec is a Danish e-power system manufacturer acknowledged for being one of the best and most reliable e-system on the market. The system is tested in extreme conditions, both under hot and cold weather, which makes it extremely usable in any weather. The battery offers a range up to 60 km pr. charge. It’s also fast and easy to charge, just like a cell phone.




  • The strong and robust design secures a consistent performance.
  • Promovec e-power system.
  • Max payload on the front box: 160 kg.
  • Overall max payload: 250 kg (rider included).
  • Reinforced wheels and hubs.
  • Strong and powerful aluminum frame, rust free and rigid.
  • Shimano Deore nine exterior gears.
  • Tektro-Shimano hydraulic disc brakes on all the wheels.
  • The parking lock ensures that the bike doesn’t move when entering or exiting the bike.
  • Easy and adjustable saddle– and steering height, everyone within the height of 151 to 205 cm can use the bike.
  • Insurance approved Basta lock.
  • Puncture free tires.
  • Warm and waterproof blanket for the passengers.
  • Reflectors, bell, and unique vehicle identification number.
  • Front and rear lights.
  • Dimensions: 225x106x121 cm (LxWxH). Front box inner width: 90 cm.
  • Operational weight of only 53 kg (included e-power system).


Price and delivery

We ship Canada wide: shipping quotation on request.