Fortified Bicycle - Aviator + Afterburner (Theft-proof)

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Fortified Bicycle - Aviator + Afterburner (Theft-proof)

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Aviator + Afterburner

When we discovered that 80% of urban cyclists have gear that fails them, we did something about it. Introducing bike lights that last forever.


    • MATERIAL: Lightweight Aluminum
    • WEIGHT: 93g (approx.)
    • HANDLEBAR SIZES: 22 to 32mm 
    • BATTERY: Custom 850 mAh Li-ion
    • BATTERY LIFE: Up to 40 hrs
    • BRIGHTNESS: 30-300 Lumen

Forever Promise 
Custom bolts lock the lights to your frame, while an aluminum fuselage makes them waterproof and shockproof. And if anything does ever happen to them, we replace 'em.

USB Rechargeable 
We spent nearly 2 years engineering a custom cell that works for the city. To recharge, simply pop out the special battery and plug it into any USB port.

Extended Battery 
To keep recharging to a minimum, we focused on milliamp hours and circuit efficiency.