Creme Cycles Rear Rack Twin Panniers Bags

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Creme Cycles Rear Rack Twin Panniers Bags

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Designed from the ground up and handmade in Poland. All fabrics are made in France and we use only genuine Italian leather. Even the stainless steel hardware is custom made in Poland. The use of waterproof fabrics and zippers ensure that these classy bags are practical and bike friendly. It’s interesting to note that our bags are made with European Sunbrella® fabric that is also used by famous brands such as Converse. 


  • rear rack pannier bags for long travels and short trips
  • steel hooks and lock on strap for better locking on rack
  • additional internal closing covers with zips
  • adjustable cotton strap and metal hooks
  • outer front pocket with waterproof zip
  • leather strap & bottom for longer durability
  • 100% european materials incl. French Sunbrella® fabrics, Polish vegetable tanned leather
  • waterproof zips
  • custom made gunmetal hardware
  • leather zipper pulls and brand label
  • bright easy to clean internal liner
  • 100% hand made in Europe
  • Dimensions external: 290 mm x 140 mm x 300 mm/ one bag
  • Capacity 24 L (12+12)