Schindelhauer Oskar Singlespeed Bosch Ebike
Schindelhauer Oskar Singlespeed Bosch Ebike

Schindelhauer Oskar Singlespeed Bosch Ebike

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*** This bike is on sale, because there are minor aesthetic imperfections due to transit. Imperfections like a tiny paint chip, scratch or scuff . Live Photos can be provided upon request

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The first Bosch single speed e-bike β€” for fans of a well thought out design, coupled with reliable technology. This model doesn’t require a gearshift, as the powerful Bosch drive unit more than compensates for this.

Fully equipped for the city: Oskar has a complete lighting system and will impress with its crisp e-support, low-maintenance components and clean look. Oskar can also be ridden with the motor switched off; and we also offer optional accessories for baggage and all weather conditions. Oskar is reliable in every situation. The Bosch third generation drive unit ensures a natural riding experience. The special geometry of the frame guarantees sporty cornering. Despite its e-motor, Oskar still has the typical ride feel of a Schindelhauer bike. Behind the tidy exterior is a technically complex in-house development that encloses e-motor and battery as compactly and elegantly as possible β€” without sacrificing functionality or stability.

The design is puristic with every detail well considered, with the hidden cabling a typical Schindelhauer feature. Reliability is paramount here: Our years of proven Gates CDX belt drive are complemented perfectly by the reliable Bosch drive unit.

Oskar is a clean commuter pedelec; a genuine alternative mode of transport β€” without the need to find a parking space.

Note: For rights reasons we have renamed the model Oskar (formerly called Karl).Β 

Bosch Active Line Plus drive or Performance Line (Cruise)

  • e-support up to 25 km/h

  • integrated Powertube 500 battery (removable)

  • Single speed

  • Purion display

  • Supernova front light / LightSKIN rear light

  • weight: 19.7 kg

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