Velo Orange Randonneur Front Rack

Velo Orange Randonneur Front Rack

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While the VO Randonneur Front Rack was developed for our old Rando frames, it can also be installed on other bikes with no fork blade eyelets by using P-clamps.Β 

The Randonneur Rack is made from polished tubular stainless steel, just like our Constructeur, Pass Hunter, and Porteur racks. It has eyelets for a fender mount and for lights. The weight is 212gm. The platform is 20.5 cm long and 10.2 cm wide

Ideally, the tang at the back is attached to the fender boss under the fork crown, or you may use the included fork crown daruma. The tang may also be bent up and attached to the brake bolt.Β 

This rack does not mount to low-rider bosses or onto canti-brake bikes. It requires eyelets on the fork blades or p-clamps. If you are having a frame built, please tell your builder that the eyelets should be about 3.75" below the bottom of the fork crown (but it's best to give the builder the rack beforehand).

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