Welcome velolifestyle.com the new Allo VΓ©lo website

Welcome to our new site. We decided to go with a much cleaner and accessible interface. We will still have our original site www.allovelo.ca for local awareness.

The drive for a new site began when we decided to open an eBay store. After adding 2 items (Fenders), we received a notification with no appeal from eBay saying that we were selling illicit material and that our account would be permanently shut down. Ebay owns Paypal, so immediately our .ca store was rendered inoperative. We tried finding alternatives, but they were very costly. Our efforts to connect our nation wide customers Β via phone orders was difficult.

Velolifestyle reflects exactly what we want to offer cyclists across Canada, who have embraced cycling as a lifestyle. This site also highlights our position when it comes to helping businesses and communities find sustainable, economical and healthy solutions. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Lamar Timmins | Founder