Bicycle Business Solutions

We are a team of professional bike lovers. Our goal is to keep Canadians riding 2 wheels (or 3 wheels), and that goes for the small and big businesses that provide us with the many services and products we use daily. We pride ourselves in offering the most reliable products on the market. Our commitment is simple; how can we help your brand stand out from the crowd, how can we help you lower costs and reach your environmental goals, how can we add value to your message and customer experience. Let us show you the many possibilities of a cargo bike or bicycle and how our preferential pricing and product quality will benefit you.

The good news is that we have developed a proven system to effectively deliver the final product you need. Having direct partners in Denmark and warehouses in Montreal and Toronto allows us to always have the necessary inventory throughout the year. We deal with local builders and printers for specific cargo containers, displays and logo wraps. Every one of our bikes comes with a 2 year warranty against any manufactured defects and we can connect you to trusted shops to maintain your fleet if you are not in Toronto or Montreal.

Last Mile Delivery Solution

The urban environment in Canadian cities are changing, more then ever, companies like yours have a vision of a new logistical last mile solution to efficiently navigate the inner city to reach your clients.

When you deliver your products by cargo bike, it creates strong brand recognition. Your customers and the general public immediately understands your commitment to environmental sustainability. It's a fast and versatile urban mode of transportation, allowing you move past traffic and in areas inaccessible to vehicles. The monetary savings allow for better optimization of cash flow. It has a 200 lb. capacity and subsequent maintenance is minimal as it is designed to be a work horse. It encourages staff to be more physically active, as it replaces the need for a vehicle.

Contact us to explore options best suited for your business needs.

Last mile delivery solution

Hotels and Hospitality Businesses

There are more tourists opting to explore cities by bicycle. This emerging trend can be fortuitously taken advantage of by acquiring a fleet of Triobikes or beautiful and reliable city bikes for your hotel guests.

  • It is ideal to publicize your hotel and creates strong brand recognition
  • It so perfectly proclaims your environmental sustainable philosophy
  • The Triobike is one of the safest cargo bikes in the market
  • Inclusive family activity (no children's seat required)
  • Elderly, family with more then one child, guests with pets and individuals who are unable to ride a bike

Contact us to explore how we can add value to your guest's services.

Hotels and Hospitality Businesses

Branding and Marketing

Product launch, private or public event? Perhaps a promotion of free samples outdoors? Do you want that wow factor that instantly engages your audience or customers? Then we propose adding your brand to a cargo bike or a fleet of bicycles.

Contact us to see how we can add value to your branding needs.

Branding and Marketing

Urban Condo Complexes

Adding family cargo bikes to a new condo development is a unique selling point for prospective buyers

  • Accessibility to local amenities without having to put up with traffic and/or looking for parking.
  • Worry free logistics: able to carry large & bulky merchandise as wel as heavy goods weighing up to 200 lb.
  • Promotes the urban lifestyle
  • Convenient for out of town guests who are not so bicycle savvy or guests with children to sit in the cockpit
  • Easy to ride. With 3 wheels, it creates instant confidence
  • Fantastic publicity for the condo; showcasing its unique environmental sustainable credentials
  • Low initial cost, low maintenance costs.

Contact us to see how we can implement a shared fleet for your condo.

Urban Condo Complexes

Communities and Organizations

Cities and communities like Montreal and Toronto are fast tracking their green agenda by replacing their fleet vehicles to bikes and cargo bikes for their inspectors and staff to get from a to z. Having experience with both those cities, Allo Velo is in a position to provide consultation and work with strict project budgets and timelines. Our team not only delivers the bike in person, but we provide useful instruction for your staff members on how to safely and properly use the product.

Contact us to see how we can implement fleet bikes for your community or organization.

Communities and Organizations

Canadian Businesses who have added a cargo bike or fleet bikes to their daily operations

  • CAA QC (Montreal | Triobike Cargo)
  • Canada Post (Ottawa | Butchers & Bicycles)
  • Montreal Borough (Montreal | Triobike Cargo)
  • Coffeecology (Hamilton | Bullitt Cargo Bike)
  • Dundurn Market (Hamilton | Bullitt Cargo Bike)
  • Modacity (Vancouver | Triobike Cargo S)
  • Randonneur Mechanic (Montreal | Bullitt Cargo Bike)
  • CourierPlus (Montreal | Bullitt Cargo Bike)
  • Bell Canada (Montreal | Butchers & Bicycles)
  • Joys of Living (Montreal | Triobike Cargo S)
  • Cinco Marketing (Montreal & Toronto | Triobike Boxters)
  • Maison LeGrand (Montreal | Triobike Cargo)
  • McGill University (Montreal | Bullitt Cargo Bike)
  • Manley Art Design (Ottawa | Bullitt Cargo Bike)
  • GreaterGoods (Toronto | Triobike Cargo S)