Urban Arrow eCargo Bikes available in Montreal

Urban Arrow eCargo Bikes available in Montreal

Urban Arrow finally available in our beautiful city, and you can find it now at Allo VΓ©lo, the essential bike store located in Griffintown.

If you are passionate about cycling in the city and are looking for a practical and environmentally friendly transport solution, look no further! Urban Arrow cargo bikes are specially designed to meet the needs of urban families. With their impressive carrying capacity and stylish design, they are perfect for daily commutes, city classes or family outings.

Additionally, Urban Arrow bikes are equipped with the latest advanced technologies to provide you with an optimal riding experience. Their electric motor system allows you to navigate the streets of Montreal with ease, while their sturdy frame and efficient braking system ensure your safety at all times.

Whether you want to take the kids to school, do your shopping at the local market or simply enjoy a ride around town, Urban Arrow cargo bikes are here to make your life easier. Their smart design and ergonomic features make them an ideal choice for those looking to integrate cycling into their daily lifestyle.

Visit Allo Velo today to discover the full range of Urban Arrow cargo bikes and let yourself be seduced by their versatility and performance. Be part of the urban cycling movement in Montreal and opt for a sustainable and friendly transportation solution for the whole family!

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