Nantucket Cisco Basket Rectangular Lt. Brown

Nantucket Cisco Basket Rectangular Lt. Brown

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The Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Cisco Adult Rectangle Basket features a classic design that holds up for years and years. Incorporating the best rattan fiber in the world, this rectangular handlebar basket is hand-crafted with a special rolled-rim weave technique, which makes it much more durable and practical than the typical bicycle basket. Everyday wear and tear won't slow the Cisco basket down. It comes in a light brown color. There's no ugly Velcro or zippers to worry about, because the basket features buckle straps that are tightly secured to the handlebars. Weight limit: 13 pounds. Includes 6 month warranty. Dimensions: 13L x 10.75W x 9.5H inches. Β  About Nantucket Bike Basket Company Nantucket Bike Basket Company are designed to be naturally beautiful, super convenient, and extra durable. A manufacturer of high-quality, classic, handmade rattan and wicker handlebar baskets, Nantucket crafts the most original, authentic beach-style baskets on the market. Great for the boardwalk, the beach, the market, and for picnics anywhere, these baskets are made from all-natural materials. No unsightly Velcro, zippers, or nylon, these baskets feature buckle straps for stylish, strong practicality. Dimensions: 13L x 10.75W x 9.5H inches. Hand-crafted from high-quality rattan. Light brown color; rectangular shape. Buckle straps for secure fit on handlebars. Rolled-rim weave ensures durability. Includes 6 months warranty.

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