Black Iron Horse Polly Cargo with Lock Top (Shimano EP8)

Black Iron Horse Polly Cargo with Lock Top (Shimano EP8)

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The POLLY – CARGO bike is designed to transport large and heavy cargo in the city. We keep the 100% recycled plastic box empty to allow for all sorts of cargo to be moved in a sustainable way. The POLLY – CARGO is the same width as the PONY, allowing it to easily glide through doorways and cycle paths.

The POLLY – CARGO is safe, sustainable and low-maintenance; we design, manufacture and assemble it right in Denmark, so you know it is built to the highest standard.Β 

We use the Shimano STEPS e-system, which we consider the best on the market. All lights and other electronics are included when you go with a BLACK IRON HORSE cargo bike, so you’re ready to ride from day one!

N HORSE, you know that no corners have been cut. We pride ourselves on creating the highest-quality product possible so you can rest assured that your POLLY – 4 is safe.


  • 5 internal gears
  • Shimano motor and electronic gearbox
  • Shimano battery (504Wh, 11,6 ah) with lock
  • Double seat, manufactured from recycled plastic equipped with three-point seats
  • Integrated lights, linked to the Shimano system
  • Lock, mudguards and bell
  • Double walled rims
  • Puncture-resistant tires from Schwalbe
  • Hydraulic disc brakes and parking brake
    • Turns on the rear wheel
    • Bike will automatically switch to first gear at a full stop
    • Cargo box made from aluminium
    • Easy access to the cargo box
    • Adjustable saddle
    • Hydraulic bicycle stabilizer
    • Button controlled front and rear lights
    • Lid and locks on requests
    • Dimensions

      Width: 86,5 cm
      Length: 218 cm


      Box: 120 kg

      Bench: 110 kg

      Driver: 110 kg

      408 litres in the box


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