Fahrer LUX Reflective Rain Cover L
Fahrer LUX Reflective Rain Cover L
Fahrer LUX Reflective Rain Cover L
Fahrer LUX Reflective Rain Cover L

Fahrer LUX Reflective Rain Cover L

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Reflex Rain Cover - fully reflective splash proof bag-cover

Protect your valuables from the elements while keeping you safe in low light conditions with our fully reflective and splash proof bag cover. The cover was developed as an extension for our KURIER und KURIER MINI luggage carrier bags to protect them from rain and splash water. It fits to any bag, pannier or backpack of similar sizes as can be seen in the sizes table below.

The cover is attached to the bag and protects it from the weather from the top, front and sides. A rear opening remains, which is required for attachment to the bike. Moisture can penetrate here, which is ideally drained away again through the drainage hole at the bottom.


  • Waterresist and fully reflecting fabric
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • universal fitting: Conceived as suiting to various stiles nor dimensions of bags. An elastic hem ensures a secure and easy attachment to your bag.
  • Light and compact: The cover is lightweight and easy to store in the included mesh bag when not in use. It can be stored in your bag or backpack without taking up much space.
  • After an intense rainshower we highly recommand to let it dry bfore you store it, while the mesh bag helps to let out humidity.

Please select: S L
maximum bag-dimensions 40x30x10 cm 50x35x15 cm
capacity 12 l 25 l
weight 90 g 110 g

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