Pelago Fork Rack
Pelago Fork Rack

Pelago Fork Rack

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Pelago Fork rack is a cargo cage for fork-mounted luggage.

Going bikepacking but don’t want to carry so much stuff you would need a Pelago Commuter Front Rack or Rasket? Then the Pelago Fork Rack is the perfect cargo companion for you. Made of aluminium, this sturdy cargo carrier can take pretty much anything you throw at it. It lets you carry some extra gear on your bikepacking trips by attaching the gear with straps to the cage. A handy way of expanding the packing capacity of the bike.

The design of the Fork Rack is simple and the flat platform allows to carry gear of all sizes and shapes. Pelago Fork Rack fits wide variety of forks with its six mounts, although a full three bolt mounting is recommended for the maximum 3 kg cargo load. Those six mounting holes also enable various different height positions. Secure your cargo to the rack with two straps (not included).

  • fork-mounted aluminium cargo cage
  • simple, durable design
  • 3 boss mounting, 6 mounting holes for height adjustment
  • slots for two straps (not included)
  • max 3 kg load capacity


Weight: 161 g
Length: 25 cm
Width: 10 cm
Depth: 8 cm

Max load: 3 kg


  • versatile fork mounting
  • three bolt mounting recommended for max load capacity
  • secures cargo with two straps (not included)

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