Ortlieb Bike Packing Frame-Pack RC Toptube Mat black 4L

Ortlieb Bike Packing Frame-Pack RC Toptube Mat black 4L

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The Frame-Pack RC Toptube is the solution for everyone who likes to have access to their water bottles while also carrying gear inside the bike frame triangle. This waterproof frame bag with roll closure is also ideal for full suspension mountain bikes, where space inside the frameโ€™s triangle is limited by the shocks.

Part of ORTLIEBโ€™s bikepacking series, this bag with roll closure meets the IP64 standard for waterproofness, meaning your gear is fully protected from an involuntary bath. With its 4 liter volume, the Frame-Pack RC Toptube enables heavy equipment such as tent poles, tools or food to be carried within the frame triangle, maintaining the bikeโ€™s low center of gravity. The customizable, sturdy and strong Velcro fasteners enable simple and easy fastening, and an uncomplicated installation. The frame pack RC Toptube is made in Germany and PVC-free. Together with the other products from the ORTLIEB bikepacking series, the frame pack RC Toptube forms the ideal equipment for an overnighter, a self-supported race or your next big adventure.


+ Reflective Logo on both sides of the bag

More InformationCOLORblack mattMATERIALPS21R, PS33BAG TYPEsingleADAPTER-INSTRUCTIONSDownloadDATASHEETDownloadWEIGHT200 g | 7 oz.HEIGHT13 cm | 5 inchWIDTH50 cm | 19 inchDEPTH6 cm | 2 inchVOLUME4 L | 244.1 cu inchLOAD3 kg | 106 ozPROPERTIES

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