PDW Full E-bike Fender 20x3.1

PDW Full E-bike Fender 20x3.1

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Made especially for wide 20" wheels often found on e-bikes, these full-coverage beauties will keep you dry as your wheels go round and round.

FAQ: A lot of folks are asking if these will work with the e1.1 bikes that use a suspension fork. The answer is yes, but it's going to require some extra components:

  • You'll need these special adapters that are made specifically to screw into the back of your fork and provide a place for the fender hardware to attach.
  • The stock 2.4" tire on the e1.1 bikes provides no space for a fender between the top of the tire and the fork bridge so a smaller width tire will be required to fit the fender in between the tire and bridge. A lot of e1.1 owners have told us the Schwalbe Big Apple 20" x 2.15" tire works well!

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