Schindelhauer Bicycle Handlebar Noirette Black
Schindelhauer Bicycle Handlebar Noirette Silver

Schindelhauer Handlebar Noirette

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Shapely and versatile: The Schindelhauer Noirette handlebar combines a classic handlebar shape with a modern design. Used as a "Stuttgarter" interpretation when mounted upright, a simple turn of the Noirette creates a sporty drop bar reminiscent of the half drop bars of racingโ€™s past. Fashionable in either position, and available with oversize clamp in polished silver.

The black handlebar is only available as 660 mm version (Noirette Plus).ย Please note that longer gear/brake cables may have to be installed.

Variant Noirette:

  • handlebar angle: 35ยฐ

  • height: 21 mm

  • width: 600 mm

Variant Noirette Plus:

  • handlebar angle: 33ยฐ

  • height: 27 mm

  • width: 660 mm


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