There is no such thing as bad weather with Mission Workshop

We brought in The Orion and The Eiger jackets by Mission Workshop this season, because it proved to be the ideal outerwear for Fall, Winter and Spring riders in Canada.

Its a modern take on your classic military field jacket. Durable and equally fashionable.ย  It keeps that fitted look we love while allowing enough articulation in the sleeves while you ride your bike. The science and beauty of these jackets is in the material. Made from Swiss company Schoeller's c-change fabric, allowing for waterproofness, breathability and temperature adaptiveness. Meaningย comfort through body temperature regulation, making it an outstanding three-season coat. We are currently offering free shipping Canada wide. Check them out!

Schoeller's c_change fabric:ย The material contains a membrane layer which is set to a predetermined temperature range. Once the climate inside the garment warms (due to physical exertion or higher ambient temperatures), the polymer membrane structure opens up to allowย water vapourย to escape through the membrane. As the temperature falls, the membrane closes to its original structure, preserving body heat.