Fahrer Latz XL 45-60 mm
Fahrer Latz XL 45-60 mm
Fahrer Latz XL 45-60 mm

Fahrer Latz XL 45-60 mm

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The LATZ XL splash guard prevents the rainwater thrown up from getting wet and dirty when driving on wet roads. Thus, even the smallest passengers or the load in the trailer are spared from dirty spray water. Our LATZ XL serves as an extension of the rear mudguard, as these often do not manage to drain the spray water sufficiently. This makes the next purchase or bike ride even more comfortable. When driving without a trailer, the splash guard protects following cyclists from small stones and spray water that are thrown up.

The mud flap is made from a truck tarpaulin. The material is reinforced, which is why the LATZ XL remains dimensionally stable even at higher speeds and against a headwind. It can be mounted on rear fenders with a width of 40-55 mm. The driver Berlin logo application also makes it a discreet and stylish accessory. The LATZ URBAN, which can be mounted on the front mudguard, protects shoes and trouser legs.


  • Long Mud flap version to protect the bike trailers cargo for fender's width ofΒ 45-65mm
  • Material: truck tarpaulin
  • Length: approx. 300mm | Width top: 70mm | Width bottom: 130mm
  • Available colours: black
  • Designed in Berlin
  • Made in cooperation with workshops for people with disabilities
  • Scope of delivery:
    • Mud flap LATZ XL
    • 3 x cable tie


    Thread a cable tie from behind through the two holes on the left and right of the bib so that the pointed ends are at the top and the fastener is at the bottom. Now turn the splash guard over and place it in the middle of the lower end of the mudguard. Place the cable ties on the left and right around the fender struts and tighten. Cut off the protruding ends of the cable ties with side cutters.

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