Black Iron Horse - Accessories
Black Iron Horse - Accessories
Black Iron Horse - Accessories
Black Iron Horse - Accessories

Black Iron Horse - Accessories

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The Panorama Hood is the perfect all-weather solution for the PONY. It is hand-sewn in Denmark using Sunbrellaยฎ technology to keep your little ones protected from wind and rain. The Panorama Hood can be ordered with a conversation zipper so you can talk and pass snacks while driving, as well asย  with an optional storage compartment.


The Flat Hood is specially designed for the PONY โ€” Family and Urban Cargo. It is easily attached with twist fasteners and can be ordered both with or without a zipper to allow for passengers. The Flat Hood is water proof to keep your cargo dry and protected.

Bench Cushion
The bench cushion for the PONY securely attaches to the bench to make it even more comfortable for your passengers. It is specifically designed for the PONY by BLACK IRON HORSE and sewn in Denmark, so you can be certain that it is of the highest quality. The bench cushion is compatible with the baby seats.

The Melia Child Seat for children aged 7 to 18 months is a safe, comfortable design to help you live sustainably while protecting the most important cargo there is.ย  We securely anchor the seat to the bench of the PONY โ€“ Family so you can enjoy your cargo bike with peace of mind for your child.

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