Schindelhauer Lightskin LED Seatpost Silver
Schindelhauer Lightskin LED Seatpost Black
Schindelhauer Lightskin LED Seatpost Silver
Schindelhauer Lightskin LED Seatpost Silver

Lightskin LED Seatpost - Fits any bike

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  • five high-performance LEDs

  • burn time of up to 400 hours

  • two AA alkaline batteries required

  • weatherproof

  • different modes

  • weight: 360 g without batteries

  • Choose the size for your bike

Guaranteed to attract attention in city traffic, the distinctive LightSKIN LED seat post is a must-have for all bike enthusiasts. Enjoy the convenience of this neat and stylish alternative to conventional external tail lights. The design consists of five bright LEDs that are built into the seat post, so they can’t be stolen or damaged. What’s more, thanks to the patented interior structure the LightSKIN seat post is completely weatherproof.

The uppermost LED on the LightSKIN functions as a control button for operating different light modes. Two AA batteries are located inside the seat post and provide up to 400 hours of illumination. To change the batteries, simply remove the seat post and insert new batteries.

Weight Limit

Please note the following weight limits:

  • 25.4 mm: 90 kg (min. seat tube angle: 72Β°)

  • 27.2 mm: 90 kg (min. seat tube angle: 72Β°)

  • 31.6 mm: 110 kg (min. seat tube angle: 72Β°)

Installation height

The seat post should be mounted so that at least the three uppermost LEDs are visible.

The model with LEDs sticking out (Variant 2) features a higher visibility from the side. However, please pay attention to the restricted installation height because the LEDs can't be sunken into the frame.





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