Abus Ach Ivy (IVYTEX) 6KS, Chain Lock
Abus Ach Ivy (IVYTEX) 6KS, Chain Lock
Abus Ach Ivy (IVYTEX) 6KS, Chain Lock
Abus Ach Ivy (IVYTEX) 6KS, Chain Lock

Abus Ach Ivy (IVYTEX) 6KS, Chain Lock

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Our popular ABUS frame lock adapter chain is now available with IvyTex technology.

The innovative IvyTex cover is dirt and moisture repellent and even better: It helps to increase protection as the synthetic material slows down the penetration of cutting tools. Underneath is a square profile chain made of hardened steel alloy. The chain can be connected to a number of ABUS frame locks as well as to the Alarmbox 2.0. It serves as additional security, for example to chain the bike with pre-mounted frame lock to a fixed object. An additional key is not necessary for the plug-in chain. The spoke lock key opens and locks both components.
The IvyTex connecting chain is available in various lengths, chain link thicknesses and even colours. We have the right adapter chain for every city bike.

  • Connection chain with IvyTex coating
  • Square profile chain made of our own hardened steel alloy
  • Durable cover made of synthetic IvyTex fibre offers resistance to saw attacks
  • Hydrophobic IvyTex cover repels dirt and moisture
  • 6 and 8Β mm square chain made of hardened steel
  • Fabric coating on the loop ring to protect against damage to the paintwork
  • With frame locks, there is no need to separately lock the shackle
  • Various options for connecting to fixed objects or linking multiple bicycles
  • Suitable for ABUS frame locks and Alarmbox 2.0


Abus, Ach Ivy 6KS, Chain Lock, Key, 6mm, 100cm, 3.3', Black

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