Apidura Expedition Cargo Cage Pack, 1.3 Litre

Apidura Expedition Cargo Cage Pack, 1.3 Litre

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The Expedition Cargo Cage Pack attaches toย cargo cagesย to provide additional carrying capacity in areas with limited clearance. At 1.3L, itโ€™s the perfect size for tools, spares or compressible spare layers.

The cargo cage bag fastens securely toย cargo cagesย using our unique attachment mechanism, designed for easy attachment and removal. Multiple attachment loops and the ability to cut down the straps ensures that the bag can be attached to anyย cargo cage.

Precision crafted from a lightweight laminate developed specifically for Apidura, the bag is waterproof, and highly resistant to abrasions and tears. A hands-free air release valve allows for easy packing and compression and allows for access to contents without removal of the pack.

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