Busch+Muller Lumotec Classic T Dynamo LED Light
Busch+Muller Lumotec Classic T Dynamo LED Light
Busch+Muller Lumotec Classic T Dynamo LED Light

Busch+Muller Lumotec Classic T Dynamo LED Light

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The Busch & Muller Lumotec Classic T Senso Plus Dynamo light is styled much like the cool vintage bicycle lights of the 1950s. But the internals are all modern, using three powerful LED bulbs and a focused optical system giving you a capable 30 LUX of power, Senso technology (light automatically turns on when its dark) and "stand light" technology, which basically means it keeps shining even when you stop. Ideal for traffic lights.    

A top mounted switch allows you to change from three different settings: "T" This the daytime running light mode which gives the best visibility during the day or foggy weather. "S" Switches automatically from daylight running mode to Nighttime running mode which is slightly dimmer as to not blind oncoming traffic. "0" Turns the system off (after the stand light has diminished).

Supplied with a Stainless Steel fork crown mount that's suitable for caliper, roller, disc or V brakes, a 60cm cable with two 2.8mm female spade connections for connecting the light to your front dynamo hub.  


  • Vintage styled dynamo light with bright modern internals
  • 30 LUX of power
  • Daytime running light for maximum 24h safety
  • Senso feature switches from Daytime Running light to Nighttime mode which lowers the power output at dusk so oncoming drivers are not blinded
  • Integrated stand light capacitor keeps the light shining for 3-5 Minutes - Perfect for traffic lights 
  • 3 Modes: Daytime, Off and Senso
  • Classic Chrome finish
  • Fork mounted Stainless Steel mounting bracket supplied
  • 60cm dynamo hub connection cable supplied
  • Compatible with all Busch & Muller, Spanninga and Herrmans 6V rear dynamo lights
  • Made in Germany

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