Continental GP Urban Black Reflex Coffee 700 x 35

Continental GP Urban Black Reflex Coffee 700 x 35

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Size: 28" / 35-622

We set out to find the ideal tire for urban use and found a match made in heaven with Continental. Taking the casing of the Grand Prix as a starting point, together we developed what is possibly the best tire ever made for urban environments. For extra comfort, we decided to increase the tire volume and adjusted the dimensions to a wider 35-622.

Weight: 350 g

Highly valued by racing cyclists, we built the tire using the Black Chilli high-end rubber compound to provide the right grip in both wet and dry conditions. With PolyXBreaker and an additional rubber layer, this folding tire benefits from all-round puncture protection and black reflective tape ensures extra safety at night. All of these benefits at a weight of only 350g.


The GP Urban boasts a striking profile we designed ourselves. The tire comes as standard on the following models: Arthur, Friedrich, Frieda, Ludwig XIV and Wilhelm.

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