Schindelhauer Bicycle Handlebar Moon Silver

Schindelhauer Handlebar Moon

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The Schindelhauer Moon handlebar facilitates an upright sitting position while maintaining an ergonomic hand position through a stylish sweep of the bar ends, bent slightly backwards (18 Β°), for an uncommonly pleasant feel when casual touring. Offered in two widths, 560 and 580 mm, and made in oversize dimension, the Moon Bar is finished in polished silver.

Comes off-the-shelf on following models: Siegfried, Ludwig VIII / XI and Lotte.

Technical specs:

  • Β 

  • clamp: 31.8 mm

  • widths: 560 mmΒ 

  • works with our models: Siegfried, Ludwig, Lotte, Friedrich and Frieda (Note the different cable length)

  • Β 


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