Schindelhauer Bicycle Rack Adapter Gustav Greta
Schindelhauer Bicycle Rack Adapter Gustav Greta

Schindelhauer Rack Adapter Gustav - Greta

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Our models Gustav and Greta are functional allrounders – and with this adapter you can easily install a RACKTIME rack onto the rear. Additionally to the front rack it is then possible to mount pannier bags.

only required for MY 2018 and 2019

  • from MY 2020 on several Racktime models can be mounted directly to the dropouts

  • Which model needs an adapter?

    The adapter is required on Gustav and Greta models before model year 2020, i.e. all models with mechanical disc brakes and headlights integrated in the front fender.Β 

    From model year 2020 onwards, i.e. models with hydraulic Shimano disc brakes and Busch & MΓΌller front lighting on the fender, the Racktime luggage rack can be mounted directly on the dropout, no adapter is required.

    The following RACKTIME models will fit:Β 

    Models before 2020 (with adapter)Models from 2020 (without adapter)RACKTIME LightIt 28''RACKTIME StandIt 29''RACKTIME StandIt 28''
    RACKTIME FoldIit FIX 28''
    RACKTIME AddIt 28''
    ....and many more, ask a Schindelhauer dealer near you


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