Velo Orange Wheel Stabilizer

Velo Orange Wheel Stabilizer

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A front wheel stabilizer makes loading front racks simpler. It is a spring connecting the fork to the down tube. It adds a subtle self centering action to the front wheel, making loading and unloading of a bike with a basket.Β 

Β The spring also offers some resistance to steering, so it counteracts deflections from hitting potholes and road debris.

  • Mounts to the back of the fork crown via brake bolt or through bolt
  • Fork crown mount diameter is made to fit an M6 bolt - common on nutted calipers
  • UseΒ Sheldon's Fender NutsΒ to work with recessed brake bolts
  • Rust resistant and includes all required brackets and hardware
  • Available forΒ Small (31.8mm and smaller) and Large (38-62mm) sized downtubes

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